hotel information A - Z


All rooms are equipped with 230V/50Hz, Adapters are provided at the reception.


Baby cot

If you need a baby cot, please contact the receptionist – Euro 10,00 / night


Baby food / baby bottle

Please ask the receptionist to heat up the baby food. If you need tea-kettle – they will provide you with one for free.


Bathrobes and slippers

For your personal convenience, we keep bathrobes and slippers on hand. Please ask at the reception to get one there.



The next bank is located in our building ground floor.



To use the washing basin activate the motion sensor by moving your hands towards the tap, so the water starts running. Regulate the temperature with the lever on the right hand side of the water tap. To start the shower, just push the button. After a preset interval, the shower stops automatically. By pushing the button repeatedly you extend the interval.



You can change your bedding daily on request without extra charge. Please inform the receptionist. Normal interval for changing – every 3 days.



The hotel owned bicycles are to hire - the fee is Euro 5,00 /day and bicycle


Breakfast buffet

Our breakfast times are Mon-Sat from 6.30 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. and Sundays and holidays from 8.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. If you want to enjoy your breakfast in your room, we would be pleased to take your order form. (Extra service costs Euro 5,00 per person).



The bus stop is just in front of the hotel building. Please ask the reception for the timetable or find it at our Homepage under download.


Charging cable

Charging cables are provided at the reception.


Car repair shop

Just opposite behind the supermarket is the garage AutoNova. Opening hours: Monday – Friday von 07.15 a.m. – 6.00 p.m. and Saturday 08.00a.m. – 01:00 p.m.


Check in / Check out

Check in time is guaranteed from 2 p.m.,  Check-out time is until  11 a.m.

To ask for a late checkout - please contact the reception.


Conference rooms

Please contact the reception, if you would like to know more about our various conference facilities, visit our homepage or visit the facilities. Our colleagues will be happy to assist you.


Do not disturb

Please leave the sign at the exterior door – nobody will disturb you or clean your room on this day!



If you should require medical aid, on the 1. floor you can find a doctor’s as well as a dentist’s office. A pharmacy is located at the ground floor – please ask for the opening hours.


Emergency Numbers

Firefighter / Ambulance : 112                          Police: 110


Express check out

Please provide the receptionist with your credit card details and you will have an express check out. If you wish we will send you the bill per E-mail.



To send your fax messages please contact the reception team, we will do this for you. For this service we charge Euro 0,35 per page.



On the 1. floor you will find the complete renovated fitness and healthcare centre. You can use the complete gym equipment, fitness course and sauna during the opening time. Reduced entrance fee per day (special rate only for hotel guests)



The golf club Bayreuth is situated nearby. Hotel guests get a green-fee reduction. Please ask the receptionist for more information.



A hair salon is located on the 1. floor. Make appointments directly by calling 0921 -980817.



In the lobby, directly next to the elevator, you are allowed to use our internet-island. W- Lan/ WiFi is for free in your room and in the public area with your compatible notebook/smartphone. At the reception you will get your personal login.



We provide you with an ironing board and an ironing. If you wish that we do your ironing, please call the reception – your will get the clothes back within 60 minutes.



Please take the latchkey with you if you plan to come back later then midnight. Hotel access is closed for security reasons until 5:30 a.m.


Laundry/Dry cleaning

To get your laundry washed and ironed, use the laundry bag deposited in the wardrobe. Dry cleaning will be given to a specialist. Laundry collected before 9.00 am will be returned the same day until 6 pm(except dry cleaning on weekends). Get the price lists at the reception, where you will also be provided with additional hangers, if needed. Ironing service in house within 1 hours. Please hand over the clothes to the receptionist.


Lost and found

If you lost something ask our receptionist, if you found something – hand it over to the receptionist please.


Luggage deposit

In case of early arrival or late departure you may depose your baggage in a protected luggage compartment at the reception.


Luggage service

If you need help to carry luggage to your room or back to your car, the receptionist will be glad to assist you.


Mail box

Letter may be dropped off at the reception – stamps are available there as well.



For hotel guests, a variety of recreational and feel-good massages are offered by the therapy centre on the 1. floor. Make appointments directly by calling 0921-93301 or ask the receptionist for help.



Since our standard rooms are not equipped with a minibar, we offer you from 6:30 – 0:00 am room service or drinks at the bar next to the reception.


Newspapers and magazines

Daily newspapers as well as magazines are provided at the reception for free.


Night light socket

The night light socket help to orientate in the room or to fall asleep – to borrow at the reception.


Packed lunch

You will leave early – please ask the receptionist to prepare you packed lunch. Please order the day before until 7 p.m.



The use of our underground garage we charge Euro 5,00 per car and day. You find the entrance after about 100m by passing the pharmacy left hand side down. Just ring the bell and the reception will open the gate for you after mentioning your name and room number. Please use only the parking lots marked with „Grunau Hotel“. The “Hotel Lift” signs will guide you to the elevator, which lifts you up to the reception level. To leave the garage, just draw the red-white chain and the gate will open automatically.


Pillow & blanket

You can find an additional pillow in your wardrobe. If you need more, you may order these at the reception. Our pillows are down-filled. For allergy sufferers we keep suitable pillows on hand. Also additional blankets can be ordered at the reception.


Pillow choice

You can choose a side sleeper pillow or also a cervical pillow. Please ask at the reception.



We are happy to make in the reception photocopies for you. These will be charged at Euro 0,30 per page.


Public transportation

To reach downtown Bayreuth, you may use the public bus departing from the bus stop “Grunau Park” directly in front of the hotel. Please use our homepage under the button download to get the timetable or you can get a copy at the reception.



Is open until midnight, after this time, please call our duty manager via phone and dial 9.


Restaurant / bistro

In our bistro we serve hot and cold food every day from 6.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m. Even after 10.00 p.m. snacks are available at our hotel bar. During the Bayreuth Festival you will also serve food in our restaurant after the performances.


Room service

Of course foods and drinks may also be delivered to your room. For the room service we charge Euro 5,00 per room. You can order from 6.30 am till 0:00 am.



Safety deposit boxes are available at reception for no extra charge in addition to a personal safe located in each guestroom. Find the safe key next to your room key on your key ring pendant.



On the first floor at the fitness and healthcare centre you can use the sauna during the opening time. Please be aware of the entrance fee.



We are happy to make at the reception scans for you. These will be charged at Euro 0,30 per page.


Sewing service

If you have to do little fixing and sewing on your wardrobe, we will care for that. Please ask the reception for help. Sewing sets are available at the reception.


Shoe polishing machine

An automatic shoe polisher you find in the reception area, directly nearby the elevator. If you wish that we clean your shoes, please handover to the reception until 10 p.m. and you will get it back until midnight.



In our hotel (located between room 31 and 32) are different show cases to offer little gifts which can be purchased. Please ask the receptionist for help.


Shuttle-/limousine service

Shuttle service can be ordered at the reception if desired. You can also pre book exclusive limousine service operated by our partners “Welcome - First Class Services”.



Our front desk staff will assist you or you may call the tourist board telephone 0921- 55855 for further information.



The Lohengrin spa is located very close to the hotel. Get information about our voucher program at the reception.


Stationary and stamps

Are available at the reception.



Cab company Alexander Kroter, call 0921 - 64455 or 0921 - 22011.



For local- or distance calls, please dial „0“ to get an open line. To reach a person in another room, just dial „2“ and afterwards the room number with two digits (e.g. 208 for room no. 8 or 245 for room no. 45). You can reach the reception by dialling „9“.



In your bathroom you can find an assortment of toiletries. Should you require any additional amenities, just ask the receptionist for help.



You receive different TV programs and additionally radio programs.



Please contact the reception to borrow one there.


Wake-up call

Our receptionist is glad to take your wake-up request. Please make a reservation until midnight the night before.